Monthly Archives: September 2009

So ladies and gents, may I sincerely apologise for such a long delay in the blog roll!

After a busy summer doing who knows what and who knows where…galivanting has finallly ended and Johnny has re-charged the batteries and is back on form and reasy to rock…in drawn form.

This summer has seen Johnny explore into the stencil and canvas world and you can see some pictures below. If you like what you see and would like an icon stencil made personally for you then get in touch and we can work something out – these can be 100% customised for your tastes – size, colour…you name it we can work things out to suit your needs but of course!

Johnny is now located back in sunny Birmingham UK just so we know…erm what else can i say…more t shirt designs as ever are coming out and I shall get these out in t shirt form as soon as demand holla’s!

Pictures below, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Anyways, short but sweet – so very sorry for such a delay but as they say! Let’s hit the road Jack…the road is looking exciting!!

Much love, Johnny x x