Monthly Archives: January 2010

So as we embark on recycling our image to a clean and healthier bill – here is where we begin!

Today I am inspired by Sam Tucker – my partner in crime and fantastic artist!


…it just makes it so much more spectacular!

We always try to keep on top of our design by predicting trends and seeing what wee can create. Whilst channel 4 were hosting their 3d week we took it upon ourselves to do some 3d work.

Credit to our designer Sam Tucker for this awesome awesome piece of work!!

I love this design.

So having said all this – we asked our trust friend Jake Gosling ( to knock us up a lovely bit of 3d branding… which you can see here:

Below are some stencils that I was talking about in the previous post…

Being inspired in many ways by Banksy I was rather excited to hear about this – very interesting!

The Johnny Casio team took a trip to the Banksy exhibition over the summer, really fantastic opportunity to get so close to arguably the most powerful free speaker of art…ever!

Over the last year I try and do a stencil a week as another art form which can channel some energy.

I’ll keep it brief…after much designing and conversing we have now decided on the new contemporary and swanky Johnny Casio logo – incorporating a number of new ideas and changes here at Johnny Casio castle this is the final outcome:

With this comes NEW BADGES! so if you want one then let us know, drop us a line yada bing!

A fun little picture for you next…entitled THANK YOU SNOW! you’ll see why…

As Johnny Casio has been finding himself seemlessly avoiding the design world radar the brand has gone through various changes – below you can see the developments.

So above you can see the 1st logo that I had settled on incorporating 2 fonts I felt that this was a well represented feel of what Johnny Casio was and is – a creative brand, its own brand and its own style.

When playing around with aditional sub branding designs to re-inforce Johnny Casio the crown was then brought into play.

From the start I was using the Johnny Cash body as a direct link to the Johnny Casio brand. This has changed over the short period of time as we went through several different designs to have now settled with our contemporary feel of te new logo.

When I first set about Johnny Casio Design it was merely a means of getting doodles out there so to speak, I still have a passion for t-shirt design though the all-round graphic design is what we pride ourselves on.

Below are a bunch of designs that I did in Johnny Casio’s very early days.